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“You never cease to impress me.  Thank you for the speedy turnaround on this.  You set a very high bar for service.  I aspire to take care of my clients as well as you take care of Leisa and me.” Charles C. - New York, NY (trust and estate advisor)
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We understand that our clients’ advisors are creating an overall financial plan for their clients.

We view our role to be an extension of their work, fitting the client's risk management plan within the goals of their plan. Always respecting the value of the 3-way relationship, we work with our clients’ advisors as a management team so that their clients’ assets always remain protected. We strive to make partner relationships win/win as that is the only way the relationship will be successful. Of course, we are fully committed to protecting our clients’ confidentiality and expect the same of all of our trading partners.

Ultimately, we seek to be among the most dependable and respected partners of advisor's relationships. As a partner advisor with J.W. Allen, you can rely on us to:

  • Provide you with red flag topics that keep you informed and adept at spotting insurance concerns  (inquire about our “Red Flags for Advisors” paper).

  • Provide your clients with the same superior service, advice and comprehensive program development we provide all our clients.

  • Utilize our market leverage and negotiation strength to get the toughest risks written and moderate risks rated preferably.

  • Provide confidence that your clients have one less component of risk with which to be concerned.