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“I appreciate your checking in…..I well remember how great you were in helping me deal with all my woes….We were also awed by the reduction in the premium you were able to negotiate -- and mighty glad the policy was in place when the trouble started. That place you put me onto did a super job, too. Jack O. - New York, NY

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Our Goals for Advisors
  Why an Independent Broker
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We seek to protect your assets and earn the status of a trusted advisor.

Each individual’s and family’s assets and situations are unique. “Cookie cutter” policies will not deliver the protection you seek. A holistic risk management program is your answer.

Our ultimate goal for our private clients is to operate far beyond the transaction of insurance and to be our clients’ risk management quarterback for all related risk management concerns. In this capacity, we are best equipped to understand and protect our clients’ assets and earn the status of trusted advisor. As your risk management quarterback, you can count on us to remove those issues which “keep you up at night”.

  • We will work with your investment advisors, bankers, accountants, architects, builders, property managers, fine art installers, yacht captains and other asset managers to devise sound risk management strategies.
  • We will develop a broad, yet tailored insurance program and negotiate for the lowest possible costs.
  • We will educate you on the frequency and severity of risks, how to best manage these risks and how insurance products integrate with a comprehensive financial plan.
  • We will simplify the myriad of complexities inherent in insurance contracts.
  • We will provide concierge-level service.

Your lifestyle…everything you own and everything that you and your family members do presents exposures of physical or financial loss: What you own and lease; your recreational activities; the people you hire or with whom you contract; people you trust with your homes or cars or property trusted to you; your legal roles and responsibilities volunteered or assumed; the contracts you sign; how you title your assets; where you live and where you operate your business, etc.

Even with the best possible claims process and outcome, damaged possessions or law suits bring inconvenient distractions and an emotional toll. Buying insurance is therefore only one important part of the risk management process.

By developing a tailored risk management plan which determines which risks can be avoided, eliminated or transferred, we can help you avoid the avoidable and buy insurance astutely.