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“Was impressed with Bob’s office – this girl did a great job and has actually spoken to DMV for me and also clarified a lot as well.” Caroline C. - Greenwich, CT
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You may occasionally buy financial collars or sell covered calls and when you do, you consider these hedges an asset. Protecting yourself from hazard risks is equally as valuable and usually even more important. A well-structured program is an asset! To have a program that covers what you need, but not what you don’t, requires the sound and unfettered advice of a trusted advisor. That is what we offer and deliver every day.

Added Services

Risk Management is the process of assessing risk, determining which risks to self-insure, prevent, mitigate or transfer (buy-insurance). We offer assistance with analysis though a Needs Assessment and then work with you to develop a Personal Risk Management Plan. From there, we assist with bringing in any necessary resources to manage your risks, prepare you for loss recovery and finally buy insurance where appropriate.

Depending on the insurer you choose, you may be eligible to receive the following services, complimentary with the purchase of your insurance:

  • On Site Loss Control / Protection Consulting:
    • Life Safety
    • Fire, Water Damage, Windstorm
    • Security including Intrusion, lifestyle, internet and smart-home related risks
    • Thermographic scans for hidden water, hot spots from wiring and hidden surveillance bugs
  • Fine Art packing and installation
  • On-site Reconstruction Appraisal of your home
  • In-home Video documentation of the contents of your home
  • Contents Appraisals
  • Inventory management software for your Fine Art, Jewelry, Wine, Collectibles and general Contents
  • Hurricane Response (post-loss)
  • Wildfire Protection (pre-loss)
  • Contractor and Vender Insurance review and Background Checks
  • Domestic Staff Management – Background Checks, Employee Manual
  • Travel Accident Protection including Medical Evacuation, 24 Hour Emergency Assistance,
  • ID Theft Restoration
  • Kidnap and Ransom management