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Planning for your future… and beyond

Life insurance isn’t just about protecting your family; a well-designed insurance plan can provide a death benefit for your entire life, help create liquidity if there are estate taxes due upon death, and allow you to supplement your retirement plan by accessing cash values. A tax-efficient permanent life insurance plan will provide flexibility from its cash value accumulation while maintaining a death benefit that allows your beneficiaries to achieve their dreams and maintain the lifestyle you’ve worked so hard to give them.

— Have you looked into the tax advantages that life insurance can provide as part of an overall financial plan for retirement?

— Have you calculated your continuing expenses if you were to become unable to work now and/or unable to care for yourself?

— Have you designed life insurance into your estate planning?

If you answered “yes,” congratulations for taking these important pro-active steps to help to preserve your wealth for your and your heirs’ pleasure. Keep in mind that any plan can easily become out-of-date as changes happen in tax laws, employment, company benefits, beneficiary participants, portfolio funding and returns, etc. We recommend a comprehensive life insurance plan review at least every 5 years and will happily facilitate your next.

If you answered “no” to some or all of these questions or have not considered life insurance at all, it is never too early and, usually, never too late to start. Your needs will shift over time, so it is important to secure at least basic ‘term’ coverage while your health allows your underwriting eligibility. Selecting policies from the right companies may allow for conversions to permanent coverage or for blends of coverage allowing you to buy what you can now and secure your health eligibility for your future, broader needs.

No matter what your short, mid and long-term goals are, we are happy to assist with your full spectrum of life insurance and estate planning approaches and options. We will work with your financial planner and/or estate planner or will introduce you to our select network of specialist partners to develop a comprehensive strategy to:

  • Help you plan for your disability and manage the distribution of your property, and
  • Ensure your retirement and estate plan minimizes taxes, professional fees and court costs.


Questions about your Life Plan you may not have considered:

— What type of life coverage does your employer offer? Is it portable?

— When does the life coverage expire?

— Are the premiums fixed or increasing?

— Should the life coverage be in a trust?

— Is your disability portable upon leaving your employer?

— Are you eligible to supplement your current group disability based on your income?

— Does your disability cover your total compensation or only (a portion of) your base salary?

— At what age do you think long-term care insurance should be purchased?

— What is the impact to your retirement and estate plan if you need care?

— What is the best way to calculate how much coverage you should buy?

— Is the long term care policy tax qualified?