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“You've been so patient and helpful through this whole process. You understood my personal situation, were kind and extremely professional; knowledgeable and responsive. Because of your service and outstanding support, I decided to do business with JW Allen.“ Hugo L. – New York, NY
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Restoring an historic home in Greenwich, CT — ACE Insurance

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Personal Insurance

High Net Worth Families Overpay to be Underinsured

In a recent study by ACE Private Client Services (see right for more), 28% of clients of independent brokers and agents are missing savings opportunities in their insurance for their homes, autos, watercraft and valuables and 58% are underinsured, leaving them exposed to severe financial loss.

Savings credits for preferred risks are abundant with all underwriters, and without careful review on a routine basis, you are likely missing many opportunities to save on your insurance. Further your long-term planning for home improvements should incorporate enhancements which will reduce your risk of loss, and, in turn, reduce your cost of insurance.

More importantly, you may ask are you the 1 in 2 that is not buying enough coverage to adequately protect against severe financial loss. Often procuring adequate coverage can be achieved without additional cost simply by raising your deductibles and/or rebalancing at your coverage limits.  Also, property and liability insurance is relatively inexpensive (with several hundred to several thousand year return periods as the norm), so increasing your limits to adequate levels coverage is usually proves to be a low-cost hedge.

Without a regular review of your assets, lifestyle and family circumstances, your coverage elections can quickly become obsolete. At J.W. Allen, we offer 2 levels of reviews: one to assess your exposures to design an efficient, tailored insurance program and a second level to review how you might reduce your exposures to loss and further reduce your cost of insurance further. 

Call us today to allow us to see how you can pay less to be properly insured!

  • Homeowners
  • Condo’s and Co-ops
  • Renters
  • Valuable Articles
  • Autos and Classic Cars
  • Yachts and Watercraft
  • Excess Liability (Umbrella)
  • Motorcycles, Scooters and other Recreational Vehicles
  • Aircraft
  • Equine
  • Kidnap and Ransom
  • Identity Theft
  • Private Events
  • Travel Insurance
  • In-home Business
  • Builder’s Risk and Protection during Renovations
  • Vacant Property
  • Investment Property
  • International Homes and Contents
  • Properties titled in LLCs, Trusts, etc.
  • Workers Compensation and Disability for Domestic Employees
  • Family Office Practice


Questions about your Personal Insurance you may not have considered:

- Are you confident that your insurance company will stand behind you for the complete rebuild of your home or apartment with its original unique or historic features and with today's building, codes?

- Do you know that special insurance may be needed while your house is under renovation?

- Are you relying on your apartment building's insurance to cover your unit's walls, moldings, wainscoting, granite countertops, custom cabinets, sconces and chandeliers?

- If your Picasso falls off the wall and gets punctured will you be insured for the loss of market value after it is restored?

- Is your jewelry covered while on the jeweler's bench and your art while consigned at the gallery?

- Will your insurer guarantee Original Equipment Manufacturer replacement parts for your ten year old Mercedes?